Let me tell you about the degredation of our minds.

A sampling of conversation over the weekend:
Ryan: I love my parrot.
Judy: I’m going to go to Elwynn Forest and buy a kitty! You know, I haven’t seen any kittens around… I’ve seen parrots, and a gnome with an adorable bunny, but no kittens. Maybe Elwynn Forest is just farther away from areas I’ve visited in the last day or so…
Ryan: Maybe.
Judy: Oh no! I can’t get a kitty, she’ll eat your parrot!
Ryan: Cats don’t really eat parrots. I mean, senegal parrots are pretty big. A cat wouldn’t eat… an eagle. A parakeet, well, parakeets are really small.

hee hee hee ha ha ha: what business does a night elf, a human and a dwarf have in duskwood? speak quickly!

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