OMFG the new patch is out. Tons of new stuff. New PvP server, postal system, level cap raised to 45, mounts, different leatherworking specializations, new dungeons. Widescreen so now everybody won’t look chubby on R’s computer, hehe. They changed my two favorite spells–damage and mana cost decreased for starfire (sad! sad! i liked that it was really different from wrath… well… at least i think so. they might be different magic types; i’ll have to double-check that), and healing and mana cost increased for regrowth (sad! sad! i liked that i could run in, regrowth myself a lot, and continue regrowthing myself if i needed to run away… i guess i’ll have to be more careful about using it). Dude, and this: “Small pets are now in the game. Look for an NPC selling cats, rabbits, parrots and a variety of other ambient creatures.” … HAHAHA! I can’t wait. Even though they deleted all our items and money. And somebody gave me a hypnotic blade (go for 5g in SW!) last night, too! Sigh. Been downloading for two hours now; 141 down, only 1986 MB more to go at 5 KB/s!
/me cries.
/me stares at computer longingly.

(Edit: wrath is nature magic, starfire’s arcane. thottbot is AWESOME.)


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