1. it feels weird to be updating my livejournal at a time other than 3am.

2. you know you’re obsessed when: everything that happens to you you think of in terms of how you are going to tell the world about it in your livejournal.

3. i am having a Good Day. i use the term Good Day in the same sense that a recovering crack addict would.

4. my stomach still hurts. this feeling is related to a deep nervousness nestled in under my chest. i don’t know why.

5. last night, i discovered that the first emily dickinson paper is due next week. this morning, i found out that the first math midterm is next friday. i have another paper and another midterm the week after and another midterm the week after that.

6. do you know how much effort it is to stay awake? just, at any given time of the day? it hurts my back.


  1. awwwww!

    Sounds like you need some ice cream! Or perhaps some Yoghurt Park! Good luck with all your work!!!!

    Well I’m off to sleep since it’s *almost* 3AM for me.

  2. Nervousness

    My stomach felt really weird today too.
    I thought about the massive amounts of reading and assignments coming due, and what little I had done over the past few days… and realized that I haven’t been eating enough.

    A nice order of Pad Se-Aew (my first meal of the day) cleared my stomach right up.
    Now I just have to do the work.

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