old vaio, new monitor

fry’s had $100 off a hyundai 17″ monitor. so my dad got it for me. it’s bright. since none of the 4 or 5 keyboards we have lying around at home are usb, my dad went to fry’s again to get one. he came home with a logitech wireless set. i’m a spoiled brat. semagic doesn’t work in windows ME, so i just downloaded LJ.NET (and also the “.NET framework” from microsoft). i’m using it now. it’s not full-featured yet, apparently. it crashed once after i loaded it. it doesn’t have “edit” or anything yet.

windows ME sucks. in the words of connie, “how could microsoft make an operating system that sucks so much?!” (also, her computer just crashed. she’s running xp. i was in the kitchen getting water and i hear “FUUU-UU-UUUUUUCK!” and loud banging, which turned out to be her hitting her keyboard. i’ve never seen her throw a tantrum like that. i guess i still technically haven’t. seen. yeah.) “when is apple going to come out with itunes for windows?!?” and now her ipod froze (on the “do not disconnect” screen) because she disconnected it. “i HATE musicmatch!”

today is the day of the posting about the connie. poor connie.

i need not to need, la-la la la la-la la (the words after that are indecipherable for me… something about intuition maybe?)

on friday, i got a cavity filled. my dentist is nice. i played age of empires with my siblings, ffa, raymond won, i died first. hahaha. there are a lot more kinds of units, buildings, resources in aoe than there are in warcraft, but warcraft is better because the races are unique. ryan came to san jose. that night i took him along to the watermark reunion party thing. now, i used to care about watermark a whole lot. its people played a part in making me what i am, including why i’m catholic now. so i went to it. but none of the other people in my age group were there, so there were all these high schoolers who i didn’t know, and all these college grads who i didn’t know, and some who i did know but am not close to or anything. maybe my social skills are vanishing. and it was sort of strange that i dragged ryan along. and ryan, john moore isn’t chinese, so you weren’t technically the only one. listening to hank talk about having a more active prayer life and hearing the phrase “God is doing wonderful things for me” makes me sad because i used to be in that frame of mind too. i’m not anymore. i talked to andeja about this before, how there’s the whole language of really christian christians (“so, how’s your walk?” “time for some QT” etc). who am i, really? i’m looking at myself at that event and thinking, the people i’m around and the people i care about and the people i want to emulate at any given time define me so much.

anyway ryan came to san jose because uncle kc organized a canoeing trip on the russian river. uncle kc is not my real uncle, but you call people that when you’re chinese. he was in my dad’s kindergarten class, then he moved away, then he and my dad met again at osu. there was a fun waterfight. it was sunny. i used tampons. (tmi? who cares.) my mom didn’t fall in the river. my arms got terribly sore so that night i soaked myself in a bath, which i hadn’t done for a long time. i’m sick of writing about myself now.


  1. Hi, Judy! I added you to my friends list, if that’s okay. It was really fun singing with you last night – I hope I see you at the next function soon! 🙂 –Maria

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