i did an essay yesterday. i ended up with 12 full pages. i did the last 10 pages in about 8 hours. it was also–you guessed it!–two weeks late.

“hi judy
i got your paper and just read it. it’s very good!”

WTF? maybe she’s just saying that and maybe i’m being arrogant in becoming happy that she thinks it’s “very good,” but even so, that does it: my brain is much better at cramming for english than it is for cs. what am i trying to prove by taking cs classes anyway? it is time to decide what i want.


if i just DID THINGS ON FUCKING TIME everything would be so much better

somebody carve off my nose with a scimitar and let my sinuses dry out quick before i do it myself I HATE THE MONTH OF MAY


    1. no, 131! and i just had the final for that class at 8am! i got my paper back too! I GOT AN A ON THE PAPER! AN A! she said it was fun for her to read, too! =)

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