i don’t drink enough water. i don’t get enough sleep. i don’t feed myself regularly. a schedule for myself i don’t keep. oh shut up judy and stop trying to rhyme your complaints.

today i wrote some. then elanor jenny chloe lily and i ate at party sushi for like more than an hour, and when we finally got around to commencing actual study-group activities it was 10:40pm… so we went home.

today connie moved in!

my sinuses are TOTALLY PLUGGED. i tried washing them out with warm salt water. it was a rather unpleasant experience.

DirectDK (3:46:57 AM): dude
DirectDK (3:47:00 AM): u want to see the coolest
DirectDK (3:47:02 AM): thing in THE WORLD
juddietuna (3:47:19 AM): ok
DirectDK (3:47:22 AM): http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3025657350&category=41042
DirectDK (3:47:26 AM): it’s for online games
DirectDK (3:47:28 AM): for the gamecube
DirectDK (3:47:33 AM): like MARIO KART
DirectDK (3:47:38 AM): u know theya re making that game online compatible
DirectDK (3:47:40 AM): meaning i can race
DirectDK (3:47:43 AM): people throught out hte world
juddietuna (3:48:28 AM): HAHAHA
juddietuna (3:48:32 AM): i'm sorry
juddietuna (3:48:36 AM): that thing is just funny-looking
DirectDK (3:48:41 AM): it's awesome!
DirectDK (3:49:28 AM): well i mean, it's different
DirectDK (3:49:30 AM): but for online gaming
DirectDK (3:49:33 AM): it's genius!
juddietuna (3:50:29 AM): dude, online compatibility… would be so awesome
DirectDK (3:50:30 AM): but yeah, it's gorgeous!
DirectDK (3:50:35 AM): if only they have it in platinum color!
DirectDK (3:50:38 AM): then that'll be perfect
juddietuna (3:50:40 AM): oh god
DirectDK (3:50:47 AM): u know i sold my black gamecube
DirectDK (3:50:51 AM): and 4 black controllers
juddietuna (3:50:52 AM): i mean, yes derek! it would be wonderful!
DirectDK (3:50:55 AM): and bought a platinum gamecube
DirectDK (3:51:02 AM): and 3 plat controller overseas fro japan
DirectDK (3:51:09 AM): and ONE platinum WIRELESS controller
DirectDK (3:51:10 AM): from japan
DirectDK (3:51:15 AM): so it's all platinum!
juddietuna (3:51:15 AM): *applause*
DirectDK (3:51:18 AM): matches my TV!
DirectDK (3:51:20 AM): woo hoow!!!!!
juddietuna (3:51:23 AM): OH MY GODDDD


  1. I think the more concerning thing is not his obssession with that controller, but the fact that you were FREAKING CHATTING ON IM AND POSTING ON LJ AT 4 IN THE MORNING!!!! 🙂

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