hellotoast is funny.

hellotoast (5:16:24 AM): there’s a point of diminishing marginal utility
juddietuna (5:16:32 AM): hahahaha
juddietuna (5:17:02 AM): wait a moment as a parse “diminishing marginal utility”
juddietuna (5:17:08 AM): i think the longest repeated substring is “in”
hellotoast (5:17:16 AM): hahahaha
hellotoast (5:17:18 AM): omg don’t do that
juddietuna (5:17:24 AM): “do”
hellotoast (5:17:24 AM): omg
juddietuna (5:17:27 AM): “”
hellotoast (5:17:29 AM): now i’m doing it everywhere!
hellotoast (5:17:37 AM): noooo!
juddietuna (5:17:40 AM): “ooo”
juddietuna (5:17:48 AM): BWAHAHAHAHAA
hellotoast (5:17:48 AM): alk;je4oibjliaejrlaksjlkvnalkejrlkesjriae
juddietuna (5:17:51 AM): uh
hellotoast (5:17:52 AM): =P
juddietuna (5:17:56 AM): i don’t feel like it anymore
juddietuna (5:18:00 AM): Segmentation Fault
hellotoast (5:18:04 AM): hahaha
hellotoast (5:18:09 AM): that’s not going to fly with the autograder judy
juddietuna (5:18:20 AM): hahhahaa
juddietuna (5:18:29 AM): rm -rf autograder
juddietuna (5:18:36 AM): take THAT!
hellotoast (5:18:37 AM): hahahahahaha
hellotoast (5:18:40 AM): hahahaha
juddietuna (5:18:45 AM): I WIN!!!
hellotoast (5:18:53 AM): sock it to ’em judy!

hellotoast (5:27:48 AM): crap judy i just found a bug in my 170 program
juddietuna (5:27:55 AM): OH NO
hellotoast (5:27:59 AM): which you inadvertently pointed out to me
juddietuna (5:28:06 AM): ??!??
hellotoast (5:28:11 AM): when i said “omg”
hellotoast (5:28:13 AM): you said “”
hellotoast (5:28:27 AM): and i realized that my program doesn’t work when there’s no substring!

hellotoast (5:40:24 AM): this assignment was crazy
hellotoast (5:40:29 AM): i was very enthralled by it
juddietuna (5:40:30 AM): it’s fun though
hellotoast (5:40:36 AM): i couldn’t stop thinking about it
juddietuna (5:40:48 AM): write it a sonnet
hellotoast (5:41:03 AM): hahaha
hellotoast (5:41:29 AM): do you think anyone has ever written a serious sonnett about computer science?
hellotoast (5:41:43 AM): i don’t think it’s psychologically possible

i love cs!

Sir Dobel (5:56:27 AM): I’m reading a paper which gives a mathematical analysis of the rubik’s cube using group theory!
Sir Dobel (5:56:55 AM): earlier I was starting to program my 4d rubik’s cube program….but I started getting a little confused
juddietuna (5:57:03 AM): 4d?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!
juddietuna (5:57:07 AM): how does that even work?!?!?!?!
Sir Dobel (5:57:56 AM): about exactly how to represent the 4-dimensions…..I *think* it’s representable by 4 3-d cubes…the only problem being that you have to be able to see the inner cubits as well as the outer ones….because just as the “inside” of 2d objects are on the surface of 3d objects, so are the “insides” of 3d objects on the surface of 4d objects
juddietuna (5:58:12 AM): oh my god
Sir Dobel (5:58:37 AM): the problem is you can’t really use your geometric intuition…so I need to develop a purely formal representation for 3d rubik’s cube, and then I think it will be clear how to extend that to the 4th dimension


    1. yeah! =) he lived kinda near me in foothill freshman year. when i brought up my computer i forgot to unshare my C drive (cuz all our hard drives are shared on my network at home in san jose). the first week of school, i found a piece of paper from my printer that said “hi, just warning you that you’re sharing your entire C drive on the network, which isn’t a good idea” and i totally freaked out, because that’s what you do when pieces of paper mysteriously come out of your printer like that. so i found the corresponding word doc saved to my desktop and looked at the properties of the doc and the author was ksimler, and i met him later through cs61a which everyone from lynbrook and mission was taking. it was funny.

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