i saw a toothless homeless guy on my way home on hearst, but other than that, and the guy unloading stuff from a huge dark-and-scary truck into a completely-lit starbucks, i was alone. i was terrified. when i was a freshman i was never scared of wandering around alone at night. what age and cynicism will do to you. dat, be proud. once i read, probably in the newspaper or something, that if you are kidnapped and you have a cell phone, try to keep it on because maybe the system will be able to track you. which brings me to another strange thing i noticed–when i spend a lot of time in soda, my cell phone runs out of batteries. it goes from four bars–fully charged all night the night before–to beeping because it has no more batteries. i also get no service in soda. so like, does it use up more batteries looking for service if there’s no service? or something? because otherwise it’s supposed to last for a few days… strangeness. so yeah, i was scared that i’d get kidnapped and then my phone would run out of batteries and i’d be lost to the world forever. that would have been bad. but fortunately it didn’t happen and i’m here in my apartment, warm and relatively happy. i went to walgreen’s and bought a stouffer’s macaroni and cheese today at around 3pm. it was really good. i negotiated rent prices for next year with cara today too and saw cindy and krista-serena-stephmoo in the makeshift office today. i saw ann earlier today, before 2pm. i tagged along with her to get a frozen yogurt–sugarless, because ann gave up sweets. i like talking to ann. we were on different wavelengths for about a minute, but after we figured that out, we oscillated in perfect unison. we walked through sproul jumping up and down and the same time and it was very very very great. ann makes me happy.

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