1. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i just wrote a long response that got erroneously deleted! well i was saying that one time i popped corn i think on a skillet thing when i was camping, but that’s kind of a fuzzy memory, so i could have made it up. for sure i once popped corn in sand (like the native americans? did) on an outdoor stove. and about three days ago i popped corn in the mircowave except i made my own corn packet thing by putting popping corn in a paper lunch bag and adding butter and sticking it in the microwave (it works great!). so i was thinking if one knew the right ingredients for kettle corn (brown sugar, corn starch, salt..?) one could just stick that in a paper bag with popping corn and pop it. but i’m open to popping corn in other ways (like on the stove) (fo sheazy). i have lots and lots of popping corn.

        1. whoooooooa you are a corn-popping expert! i bow down to your corn-popping greateness! fo shizzle!

          how do you get popping corn? just… buy bags of it? what makes it different from other corn? does it have to be specially treated? if i grew a corn stalk could i get popping corn from the ears?

          i thought that the ingredients for kettle corn were just sugar and salt and butter? and i thought it was plain normal white sugar. but i have no idea.

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