ryangiraffe (1:04:56 PM): where did you went away to?
Auto response from juddietuna (1:04:56 PM): EATED
ryangiraffe (1:05:04 PM): you eated away?
ryangiraffe (1:05:12 PM): why what a gaffe
ryangiraffe (1:05:25 PM): as your giraffe perceives it

Auto response from juddietuna (1:05:59 PM): EATED
juddietuna (1:37:43 PM): i eated a shower
Auto response from Jennnykins (1:37:43 PM): you eated what?!

and by that, i mean mango

suesdaniG (3:07:23 AM): http://review.mondominishows.com/happytree.html
and then she came into my room going “MUDDER!!! MUDDER!!! IT’S SO CUTE!!!!” and made me watch it, and then i only got to the third one, and then i screamed and crawled onto the floor. HORRIFYINGGGG

yesterday my parents came up. we ate at great china (like last time!) my mom likes that place. they gave me a magic! white sparkly dragon with white sparkly wings. i like her. they also brought me many things, including my beloved yellow ski jacket, but not the external cd writer, which i want. i’m going home next weekend though. i like watching ryan talk to my siblings. i have leftovers for like a week. we went to mondo gelato afterwards too. that made my sister happy =) they cut a chocolate cake and had trick candles that sparkled… it was good.

yesterday morning ryan and i went to a happy little restaurant on northside–“fat apple’s”–for breakfast. at like 1pm. i had pumpkin pancakes. they were good.

i went to sleep at like 7:30 this morning. i’m on page 211 of dragonwings, on which i am writing my review (revue??) essay for multicultural childrens’ lit. yup.

bowling for columbine is good. we managed to get tickets for it at the last minute–we were waiting in line to buy tickets nervously, the line to get in the theater stretched to oxford, and a guy was like “hey i have four extra tickets because my friend and i both bought them for our group…” so we snagged two of them. =) i like how they edited it. the funny parts were very funny, and then all of a sudden it would be something very not funny. i had never seen the footage of the security cameras inside columbine high school before and it was terrifying. charleton heston was kind of terrifying too, as was the brother of terry nichols. marylin manson was an articulate, sensible speaker while the guy outside protesting him was this bumbling idiot. it was great. i guess the documentary’s Big Question was “why are there more than 11,000 gun murders in the US while other countries that are just as gun-crazy and violent-video-game-playing as us, and with just as violent a history, don’t?” and i guess the Big Answer was from this professor and his book on fear, or the culture of fear, or something, because all the networks talk about are homocides (and there was a tangent on how black people are portrayed as terrifying. and then that news stations kept telling us that we should be afraid of things. and then to bring it all nicetly together, that AFRICANIZED HONEYBEES aka killer bees are more vicious and will kill everyone in the united states, unlike the nice friendly EUROPEAN HONEYBEES that we are used to here… that was really funny). so yeah, it was good.


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