i want to go to thailand.
JOLLY 216: i went backpacking in thailand (=
JOLLY 216: i went jungle trekking — that was FUN!!
JOLLY 216: visited OLD temples, went to the beach, the cities, etc
JOLLY 216: lived with hill tribes, rode on elephants, went bamboo rafting (=
JOLLY 216: walking through the jungle was pretty hard, especially with a 5 KG packpack
JOLLY 216: it was so cool — our tourguide used a huge knife to cut down branches to make way for us (=
me: that’s intense
JOLLY 216: and showering with a bucket
JOLLY 216: hehe

amy5tran: have you been living in the flip flops like me???
amy5tran: showing off your BEAUTIFUL toes?

there’s nothing wrong with wide interests.

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