ah, quotables. people are funny.

lisa (5:13:18 PM): dude, Judy! I was driving in Seattle and I saw this car with a license plate holder that said “I watch la tuna.” !!! And the license plate said “le tuna.” Creepy, huh?

karen (5:50:31 PM): that is one LONG trip to price club
Auto response from juddietuna (5:50:32 PM): price club
karen (5:50:58 PM): what could you possibly be buying?! and how many shopping carts do you have now?? geez. did you bring a u-haul w/ you to bring all the food home? 🙂

my mom (this morning, loosely translated by yours truly from chinglish): ah! a bluebird! it reminds me of a scene in kpax, where he’s healing people and he tells someone “look outside for bluebirds. when you see the third bluebird, then you will be healed.” it’s tru, you know, when you are depressed, and you see a bird outside flying around, it lifts up your spirits and you say to yourself “ah! a bird!” it’s like when i talk to 2-ee-ma: all we talk about is our plants. that plant died–“ohhhhh!!! great calamity!!” *little dance of frustration* but then new leaves sprout–“ohhhhh!!! it’s wonderful!!!!” *little dance of happiness* it’s all we talk about, you know. *flutters into the hallway to put on her shoes* so judy are we leaving now or what?

my sister is playing neopets. she’s addicted. my brother is sitting at the clavinova playing the bass track to one of the songs from mario rpg. he’s addicted. i’m… on IM. i’m addicted. WE NEED HELP. SOMEBODY GET US SOME LIVES PLEASE

haHA, i just watched kate and leopold. now, i only watched it because my dear sister was raaaving about it, since judging from the tv spots it looked really corny. but it was FUNNY! haha! “a romantic comedy about time travel” hehehe!

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