you know, i heart watermark. what is it about a church community that harbors strong friendships? trust? community? i guess… well, i don’t see and talk to some watermarkaz a lot, but when we do it’s good and we know we care about each other… so it’s okay. etc etc etc. i talk about that a lot. we went to annabelle/melissa’s house today cuz jieh is only here for a little while until she has to go away again, so yeah, lots of ribs and pasta and ice cream. and we watched clue, which was very entertaining. “men should be like kleenex. soft, strong, and disposable…” hahahaha. mrs. white was my favorite. what a basket case. hahaha. i love watching annabelle and melissa interact… i wonder what annie and i are like when we interact. i was talking to annie OVER IM the other day, yes, IM, in the same room, on two computers that were less than a foot apart… hahahaha WE ARE LOSERS… (well this way nobody else can hear what we’re talking about!!!) and you know what she said? she said “judy, we should talk more.” MY SISTER LOVES ME!!! SHE REALLY DOES!!!!! =)

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