today ryan drove down here to hang out! we sat around my house for a while, sat around in rainbow park for a while, wandered around a park near his relatives’ house in los gatos where he’s staying now for a while (and swung on some rickety swings, that was an adventure, and walked on a miniature railroad track, and spun ourselves around on one of those whirly things that you always find in parks. neither of us could believe that we enjoyed those things so much as kids. not only that, he lost his key due to the intense (haha) centrifugal motion, but we found it… after a very nervous few minutes of sifting through the tanbark). we asked his aunt where we should go eat, and eventually went to a place called 2wenty 9ine… (okay i’m going to elaborate on the food. we got a salad with avacado and MANGO in it and it was SOOOO GOOOOD!!!! there was a LOT of mango! (today was mango day. (gotta love the nested parens.) i got a mango jamba juice, and yesterday i bought mango mochi ice cream so we ate some of that too…) yeah and a pizza with different kinds of cheese and tomato and unsqueezable lemons. but yes that salad was totally the best i’ve had in a while.) and then we wandered around “downtown” los gatos for a while, ate some ice cream, took a pic for some inebriated youngsters, and wandered back home. wander wander wander. wonder! i’m filled with wonder! ryan’s wonderful! cheese cheese cheese. =) !!!!! lalala.

you make me so happy. =)

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  1. Mmmmm…..mango….

    You, me, and something mango next week before I move to SF. It’s a date?

    I am wearing mango oil essence right now. Yum!

    I’ll call you when I get back from Tahoe. I’m helping Nicole Orsua and her parents move up there this weekend. Can you e-mail me your phone number? I have it, but just in case. SitaAnne@aol.com.

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