i can’t decide what color scheme i want my livejournal in. i vaguely like the simplicity of “blues” but i hate the white background for the entries… or it’s not white, it’s like very very very light blue, but i can’t even see it on my screen (it’s #eafeff) so… hrm. do i want white text on dark blue? i think so. but i’m too lazy to really mess with the custom colors and i don’t know the difference between weak/strong/stronger accents and it takes too long to find out because the servers are being slow. the content of my journal entries is so bland. i’m hungry. hsiao got a hamster and apparently grace got a rabbit and i want a cat. no. a chinchilla. i want a chinchilla. so it can take dust baths! those are the cutest things in the world. have you seen those before? so soft! one of the animals that has the most hairs per pore or something like that. yesh. lalala.

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  1. colors

    hey not THIS layout. poor giraffe can’t even read it without selecting all the text. by the way, giraffe misses you a lot.

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