dug through periodicals from 1950s in the library today. for 7 hours. smell like old books. thick pages, mostly hand-drawn illustrations, ads for typewriters and plastic shower caps that go all the way around your entire head (can’t see how that’s a good idea) and insurance companies. oh yeah, research. i found only two things that were really interesting. in febuaryish of 1952 a chinese american bought a house in san francisco, and right before he and his family moved in, the soon-to-be-neighbors talked to him and said things like “you will not be happy here, what if the kids of our neighborhood throw stones at your kids and dump garbage on your lawn” and he so he was like okay, you neighbors can cast ballots to see if i should live here or not and “i believe that if i am defeated here, it will be a defeat for democracy the wolrd over” and so they voted and it was 174 to 28 against him. and so he actually left. and there were reports of chinese people living in america whose relatives in china were being imprisoned and tortured and forced into sending telegrams to their relatives in america that said “you must pay the communists or your mother will die”

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