don’t throw away your basic needs: ambience and vanity

don’t worry ’bout/ don’t speak of doubt/ turn your head now baby just spit me out (dv dv dv dv dv dv dv duvh dv dv dv dv dv dv dv dv BIR NIR NIR NIR NAW!!! hey noteworthy does this song. that is how i’d sing the guitar part. i wonder what syllable they sing it on. i’ll find out tomorrow.)

i am hovering on the edge of some kind of great revelation.

the root of many of my issues is indecision. one of these issues is what my dad likes to speak of as the “go academic or not academic” path. “if you want to take the academic path,” he says to me, “then you really have to concentrate. you really have to do very well. if not, then you should concentrate on other stuff. you should take more care to look better, at least. just don’t try to do both. look at you now. you’re trying to do both now and you’re sucking at it because your grades suck AND you don’t look good. you can have anything, but you can’t have everything. basically choose between career and housewife.” okay he doesn’t really tell me “you suck,” that’s just my approximate translation.

i think this makes sense. “you can’t have everything.” choose to be good at something and stick with it, becuase you can’t be good at both. there’s just not enough time and energy in the world.

umm actually i wrote that last night and my computer has been on ever since and i haven’t finished this post, and i’m going to turn off my computer because i’m tired now

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