3-ply kleenex with lotion makes my nose happy

a bus ditched me today, screaming metal and rubber groanings against the dreary road

i like to walk home at midnight. i’m starting to enjoy these quiet moments by myself more and more. for some odd reason i’m not scared wandering the streets by campus at night, except once, coming home from soda at 4am–there was a large old van parked right in front of our building and i was so scared that people were going to jump out and abduct me that i walked right past my building on the other side of the street until they left.

catching fleeting moments by myself. completely opposite from the mindset i usually have, which is to spend as much time with other people as possible, becuase otherwise i’m bored or what’s the point of me being alive or… yeah. so i’m starting to figure out how to be by myself and not lonely

you know, nyquil really works

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