red and white sweater-jacket

so i went shopping with shirley today before the u chorus concert (which went very well. i enjoy u chorus so much)

wet seal! it’s soft, it has buttons, a belt, a hood, two pockets. it’s white and red yarn. it’s long and it’s very comfy. i’ve never owned a sweater-jacket, or a nice long jacket of any kind actually. shirlee says that they “have a slimming effect while giving you curves at THEE SAAME TIIIIME!!!” very enthusiastically. hehee.

i figured out why i liked the red so much (shirlee herself prefers black. she was plugging the yellow one for me, becuase she goes for more muted colors… i go for BRIGHT and OBNOXIOUS… i want an orange scarf. or a striped scarf. and toe socks. and my heart is completely broken about losing my really cool mitten-gloves last year *sniff*) anyway the point was, i figured out why i liked this particular sweater-jacket, and this particular red when i showed joan (who, much to my chagrin, said “you shoulda gotten black” haha)…. when i was small my grandma knitted sweaters (buttons, two pockets, red and white yarn) for me, my brother, and my teddy bear, and my pink teddy bear (her name is pinky and she rattles, she has a little flower next to her ear, and her pink fur is coming off in tufts. she’s at home. i wish i had her here.)… pinky’s still wearing it to this day.

a hint of nostalgia. joan misses her family. so do i. we’re just too scared of our families and of their expectations for us to do anything about it though, both of us.

is it today or is it tonight, we’ll find, the answer to our life?

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