Sarah is a Presidential Innovation Fellow!

Look for Sarah‘s bio here, under Open Data Initiatives: Meet the Round 2 Presidential Innovation Fellows! Welcome to our next class of Presidential Innovation Fellows! Amazing innovators, answering the call to serve — Todd Park (@todd_park) June 24, 2013 We’re so excited for her! She’ll be working on the Smithsonian Open Data project, bringing… Continue reading Sarah is a Presidential Innovation Fellow!

Women Techmakers at Google I/O – May 15, 2013

Raw notes below! Will edit later! Susan Wojcicki Insights: often one sentence, but it’s very powerful Youtube: user-generated content 1.56 billion dollars – from that little insight, you make a really big decision Near and dear to my heart: ads Insight’s very basic: ads are information. Anna Patterson VP Engineering F15E – like the… Continue reading Women Techmakers at Google I/O – May 15, 2013


Kenton, Jade, Asheesh, maiki, and Sarah all met each other! There was OpenHatch + Railsbridge/Bridge Foundry strategerizing! Jade played fantaisie impromptu and vienna Teng! Two MIT puzzle hunt puzzles by Seth: emscripten nacl native client Sodium chloride ha ha ha Google pushing it The tyranny of somethinglessness Otherwise: on thurs there was a… Continue reading Beowulf!

on suicide

Cory Doctorow writes: Because whatever problems Aaron was facing, killing himself didn’t solve them. Whatever problems Aaron was facing, they will go unsolved forever. If he was lonely, he will never again be embraced by his friends. If he was despairing of the fight, he will never again rally his comrades with brilliant strategies and… Continue reading on suicide

Autocross 10/13/12

I’ve heard Jeremie talk about autocross a lot, but never got a chance to go until Saturday. I had a BLAST. Photos at I had the privilege of riding in Jeremie’s Z for my first lap ever, which resulted in a video I’m slightly embarrassed about. I didn’t sleep the night before and was… Continue reading Autocross 10/13/12

women in a 99%-male field

Korean article on women in esports, translated by a member of the TL community: I haven’t even read half the article yet, but: Lee So-Ra: Have you ever thought ‘I wish I was born a man’? Jung So-Lim: I wish that I would be born a man in my next life every time I… Continue reading women in a 99%-male field