Three years later, I still laugh about this quote from this Economist article on

“You don’t really know that the cool project you signed up for is in a skyscraper in Silicon Valley, or like me: one dude in his underpants somewhere who has five windows open to terminal servers,” he says.

The article talks about yahoo/delicious and their effect on, a service I still actually use a lot, but is really about “On-demand cloud computing.” It’s odd to think that only three years ago, a david battling a goliath with the cloud in his sling seemed an extraordinary thing. Now we are all self-styled davids, empowered by this explosion of cloud services to dream of scale, trading underpants for black-rimmed glasses, sipping tea after a haptic notification tells us perfect steepage has been achieved.

Also, let’s just leave this here, again, for good measure:

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