Annie graduated!

My sister graduated from college on Friday! My whole family flew out to Boston on Wednesday night. Taking the red-eye is brutal.

The theme for the baccalaureate on Thursday was hoops, and it was a beautiful ceremony–lots of memories. The speaker at the commencement on Friday was Melissa Harris-Perry, and here’s an official video of her speech.

We got to hang out with extended family–we had a meal at the Wayside Inn since we have family history there. We spent some time at the Grist Mill too. I have all these dreams of doing those “then and now” photos from reddit, but our clothes and poses aren’t the same. haha. We also ate at a Chinese restaurant in Boston (dragon shrimp!)

We just got back to California tonight, with sister and luggage in tow. Had a late dinner with addons Fritz, Yvonne, and Daniel since they’re all in the south bay for Fanime.

So exhausted. Leaving for Berlin on Tuesday O_O

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