PlayPitch wins BeMyApp!

We won the SF edition of AppOlympics, the BeMyApp weekend hackathon, and are now competing against the winners from Berlin, London, Paris, NY, and Boston! Vote for PlayPitch here:!!!

I have GOT to go to bed, but not before posting about what the heck just happened. PlayPitch is our iPad app that teaches basic music literacy by showing you a real score and using the built-in microphone to listen to you as you play along with any instrument (or voice or whistling), giving you real-time feedback about whether you’re playing the right notes. =) We’ve even got an expressive lion conductor mascot named Gustav Mauler.

It was an incredible weekend… Far and away the BEST thing about the weekend was how well the team worked together. Chiu-Ki and Elvin had never written for iOS before, so Peterson got them up to speed and they were hacking away at full throttle. Peterson and Bosco got elbow-deep into pitch-detection algorithms and FFTs and iOS tools. Late, late, late on Saturday night, we were able to link the two sides together. Here’s the result:

Check out Chiu-Ki’s AMAZING post here:

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