On not multitasking

Last Tuesday, at the Starmonkeys Ruby class, another student said that she’d audited a Software as a Service course at Berkeley.

So I looked it up and found the RAD lab and got a class syllabus for cs169 from fall 2010 and started reading it. There’s a big prominent link at the top of that syllabus that says “Why I advise you not to multitask in lecture.” So naturally I clicked on that and got to this research study on how multitasking is terrible.

Then I felt really embarrassed. haha!

I didn’t really think about “multitasking” being a part of how I “work” until maiki mentioned it once. He said that I was manic! And I do always have 100 tabs open in Firefox and tons of unfinished projects.

So I must learn to focus. Not just to finish my projects, but to also not be rude at classes and stuff.

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  1. I do the same thing, though not to the extent that you do. That is why I pointed it out!

    Susan, on the other hand, can stay super-focused. I blame video games. I also use video games as a way to show how I am better than Susan at something.

    So there! ^_^

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