noisebridge, day 1

I came to Noisebridge for the Tuesday night Ruby class and stayed for the MakerBots.

I printed a tiny open-source violin, and then a hairclip with stars that was popular on thingiverse. It was sort of hard to get it to work — the machine with the red material has some trouble maintaining a constant extrusion flow. So it came out rather less than perfect. Here is a picture of me wearing it anyway.



  1. The title if foreboding. This may be the first of 28 posts that describe your descent into madness as you become fascinated and unable to find your way out, nor muster the effort to call for help from those of us on the outside.

    Keep up the good work! ^_^

    1. There’s a debate raging behind me right now about whether this small bug someone trapped on the soldering table under a martini glass is a bedbug or a cockroach. What if I bring bedbugs home? I can’t go home anymore. Ever. MY CLOTHES, I MUST BURN THEM

      Also I saw a mouse during my tour! It was pretty cute.

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