TEWTI! Na’vi friends in 3D-picture form!!


You can’t tell from my 2d picture, but this is a piece of cardboard with plastic over the picture, and the people pop out as if it were a 3d picture! I think that they traced each person and assigned them a depth in a simulated 3d space (cuz I don’t think this was taken with a 3d camera). It’s like the 3d photos of Grace and Neytiri and Neytiri’s sister on the fridge at the iknimaya station!!!

It JUST came in the mail today from Xelloss, all the way from France. He’s the one with the bracers next to me in the pic–he came here to california last year just for the Learn Na’vi workshop weekend with Karyu Pawl, hosted by Prrton. Here’s the company/technology used to create the 3d picture: http://www.limbricateur.com/Un_peu_de_theorie.html

The Learn Na’vi community is truly amazing!


  1. Kaltxì ma Judy !
    Ngengati kameie

    Faystxeli ngaru Lamu prrte’ nìtxan nìtxan oer nang !

    Fìrel arusikx tìng ngaru tì’efut na rel Judyä


    Hello Judy
    I see you.

    Giving to you this gift was a great pleasure for me

    This video give you an idea of the rendrer of the Lenticular 3D

    Eywa ngengahu tì’i’avay krrä !
    May Eywa be with you until the end of time


    Ps :
    Ma Judy, kelku si SanFransìskomì.
    Ha krrpe ziva’u nìmune Skyinou sì oe fìtstraytimì.
    Moe kaltxì sayi ngati nang

    Judy, you live in SanFransìsko
    So, when Skyinou and i, will come again in this town.
    We will say hello

  2. Wou!!! I got mine around then too, it’s so incredible!!!!

    Moeyä ‘eylan alu Xelloss lu txantsan nìngay!

    Is there a thread for these images on the forum somewhere? I want to post a picture of me with my copy.

    ~Ta Ftiafpi

    1. There oughta be! I didn’t already make one immediately cuz I didn’t want to ruin the surprise for anyone else xD haha.

      It’s really amazing! We’re living in the future =D

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