Elvin and Jeremie lit fires under my ass to make it happen. Without them, and without Dean’s support, none of this would have happened.

I organized a party to watch the finals of the GSL, the biggest Starcraft II open tournament right now. It’s in korea, so in order to watch it live, we had to gether up at 1am. The party was hellllla last minute…

I posted on TL on Wednesday:

and on r/starcraft THE DAY OF, because I am FULL OF FAIL:

But so many people responded! I LOVE IT WHEN PEOPLE TALK TO ME ON THE INTERNET!!! I was worried that it would be just me, Jeremie, Elvin, Fritz and Dean, but…. FORTY-FIVE PEOPLE SHOWED UP! 45!!!!!!!

All pictures and 2 videos up at my flickr:

Selected pictures at this TL post:

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