interview with david j peterson, who’s creating the dothraki language ! =D

GD: Do you have a favorite phrase in Dothraki that you can teach us?

Here’s a phrase I came up with early on that I’m rather fond of:

Oqet vichitera oma vafikhoon.
“A sheep shivers without its wool.”

The Dothraki have an adversarial relationship with the Lhazareen, whom they call disdainfully refer to as the Haesh Rakhi, the “spawn of lambs”. They also shun armor, considering it cowardly. This phrase kind of marries those two prejudices, comparing men who wear armor to sheep.

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Other notable early leaked phrases:

qoy zhavvorsi
“blood of the dragon”

Hash yer ray nesi?
“Did you know?”

athastokhdeveshizaroon – the longest word in the dothraki language
“from nonsense”

“fighter, warrior”

thirat atthiraride
“to dream; (lit.) to live a wooden life”



i’m so ronery…. so ronery and sadly arone… just me only….


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