So … like … I’m on page 254 of 477 of the ruby-on-rails-tutorial-book-2.3.8 right? And I’m trucking along creating a signup form for my little sample app, and I see this: 


There are links sprinkled about the whole book (for example, to define things like “automagically“) so I clicked on it hoping it was some kind of in-joke about silicon wafers or something…

Anyway, here’s a clickable link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MlfcF1I5e_g

So …. like …. okay …. ew?

But I feel like some large chunks of my world now make sense. For example, the sketches where Grover is a waiter and one of the other guys comes in an orders and there’s a fly in his soup… now I understand that this is a Thing in comedy. (Is this where those sesame street sketches come from? This type of thing, at least?) Also, this is where wubbakraken‘s “I’m doing a fake French accEHNT” comes from. Is it where everybody’s “I’m doing a fake Frohnch accOHNT” comes from?

Fritz is mostly just amazed that I’d never seen it before.


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