what are you guys doing on thursday? i sort of want to go to the asian art museum for shanghai, and also because they’re doing a nightlife-like thing featuring qipaos http://www.asianart.org/matcha2010/junematcha.htm

also this is how i feel about qipaos:
i only watched “in the mood for love” recently. i kind of love it. it’s not for everyone, i know. but maggie cheung is at once round and willowy and sweet and pained and i could watch her bob up and down dimly lit stairs in the rain with her halo of an updo and her noodle pail forever. she is so glamorous.

i can’t really say “i like this movie because i am chinese too” or something because that doesn’t make any sense. but that part where her landlord is all, “you shouldn’t go out so much” and the judging and the watching and the smiles and the hypocrisy and the offering of food and the fake well-meaning and the hatred…

i’m all about maggie cheung. tony leung, not so much. even though they’re both doing the same thing… for some reason i believe it when maggie cheung does it, but tony leung just looks bored. there’s something really delicious about tragic pining.

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