Played Little Big Planet at home with siblings and Fritz. Wow it was amazingly fun. That is a perfectly fine game to play singleplayer (we only have 1 controller at home) with multiple people watching, because everybody shrieks with laughter.

mercuryfading‘s jam is delicious! i’m torn between savoring it slowly because it is such a treat and from so far away vs eating it all with a spoon. haha.

Bay to Breakers last last weekend was fun.

Saw a bunch of Avatars. They weren’t Na’vi because not a single one of them greeted me back when I said “Kaltxì!!!! Oel ngati kameie ma smuk!” but I told them about learnnavi.org and bade them visit. It’s weird–we at learnnavi.org think we’re the center of the avatar fan universe, because obviously the language is the most important thing, and we do have big active subforums for cosplaying, fan music/fanfic/fan art/movie discussion, but apparently there exist a lot of avatar fan forums that don’t focus on the language. hahaha. We think we’re better than them because they’re stuck in the dark ages of “hey do you know what they’re saying in that scene where jake rides his birdy thing for the first time?” LOL

There was one girl in particular that did an AMAZING job with her makeup. Like, seriously amazing. She looked really good. When I spoke in Na’vi to her, she shook her head, then asked me something in another language, but I didn’t know what it was. Maybe Elvish? We both did the “I give up” hand wave and parted ways. (Negotiation between worlds was friendly but did not result in a trade alliance.) She was also incredibly brave–she was alone, and she charged through the crowd, and took pictures with everybody, and posed with her bow, and partied really hard, and looked like she was having a great time. She got a looot of attention from the whole street. I didn’t get a picture of her then because I was too slow with my camera, but we saw her again like 4 hours later by some bushes hahahhhahahahahaha

The moral of the story is: I have to get some blue body paint. Also get better at Na’vi pronunciation. To that end, I’m hosting a learnnavi.org meetup at Eudemonia on Saturday June 5. LOL People on the learnnavi.org forums are doing stuff at Fanime AND at BayCon, and I’d go just for that if… if… if something. If I had infinite time and money or something.

Maker Faire was last weekend. Er, the weekend that just happened. Saw Adam Savage do his Q&A, which was entertaining. He is a charismatic guy. I was really enthralled by all the “bicycle” constructions, especially this very elegant huge two-person fire-throwing four-wheeled thing with transformers that rub against the wheels to power the head and rear lights.
I’m really impressed by that kind of thing. It is very large, and very simple, so you can follow every piece of metal and see what it is joined to, and you can follow every wire, and it all just makes sense. I want to fix up lemmingsolution‘s old bike and ride it again. And then weld it to another bike so Fritz and I can ride it around at Burning Man

but that’s kind of getting ahead of myself

I saw: Tom and Zack, Jen and Dave (got to talk to them about their 9 month tour of the world, robots, internet poker, compostable toilets, dungeons and dragons, contract work, and parcels of land in santa cruz that are cheap because you’re not allowed to build a house if it’s less than half an acre but you can build a gazebo), and MikeB. It’s great to live in the bay area.


    1. !!!! The wire that goes to the front brake snapped. Is that small or big? I’m not even sure what I need to buy to replace it… just a wire? Or do I have to get a special wire that is inside a plastic tube?

      1. That’s small. You have to get a special wire (aka “brake cable”) but replacing it is not too difficult. Depending on the Bike store it’d likely be <$30 to fix it, or we can try to do it together sometime!

    1. no… were ok go actually there? i read that the guy(s?) who made ok go’s machine for “this too shall pass” were talking there, but i didn’t see it.

      to be honest, i didn’t look at the schedule carefully enough. the only “event” that we went to was the adam savage thing (mythbusters), and he was awesome. for the rest of the time, we just wandered around.

      i’m too unorganized to make it to events xP

    1. no, it’s a ps3. hahahaha

      we had a really good time with it. we spent a lot of time choosing outfits and having the little guy make faces at us. I AM ANGRY! now i am sad. NOW I AM GOOFILY HAPPY. now i am distraught. DISTRAUUUGHHHTT

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