Here is the entirety of Muse’s Seattle show from 4/2 http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=104720086

And Muse wrote a song that will be the “lead single to be released from the soundtrack of the new Twilight film ‘Eclipse'” HAHAHAHAH. Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever)” HAHAH!! Comes out on May 17. Oh, Stephanie Meyer, with all your wishes coming true.

AND they are coming back 28th Sept: Arco Arena, Sacramento, CA

Vienna Teng
I think I’m going to buy this wooden Vienna Teng USB drive (2 gigs, $20, comes with all the files from the new live album) instead of the CD version. http://viennateng.portmerch.com/stores/product.php?productid=17394&cat=0&page=1&featured

She is going back to school. http://viennateng.com/scrapbook/2010/03/new-chapter/ MBA in green business. So the last time to see her live for a while is coming up — she’s doing FOUR shows in 2 days at Yoshi’s in SF — May 15 and 16.

Also, I’m sorry about the posterous spam. I’ve been using it to get my files to people for our recording sessions for the 2nd episode of the first Avatar fan podcast. I thought I fixed it so that it won’t auto-update my livejournal anymore, but obviously I didn’t.


    1. Looked around a bit more, got “A custom, eco-friendly USB flash drive with all the audio from the CD (full-quality and MP3), plus an “encore set” of songs & intros, video from the Joe’s Pub show by Ehud Lazin, and other goodies ($20)” from http://viennateng.com/2010/05/live-album-available-for-order/

      so mp3. and “full-quality” is not the same as mp3 since mp3 is compressed right? so i guess two formats, but the “full-quality” one is unknown. the muse USB drive (that i did not buy) came with all the files in multiple formats, too.

      maybe they haven’t figured out what “other goodies” are yet. pictures? more videos? SHEET MUSIC? (i wish, but probably not, because they sell it in the store). a flash game? lol

      it’s stilll not as good as the flash drive that’s coming in the starcraft ii collector’s edition that looks like jim raynor’s dog tag adn comes preloaded with starcraft and brood war. hahahahahhaa

      1. yah i guess full quality means like the files that would be on the cd, probably wav files. Was just curious, cuz y’know, you’d proabably want to know if you could play it or not.

        other goodies possibilities: wallpaper for your pc or phone, OH ring tones! um… doodles vienna teng drew on the back of napkins, a map of her 2009-2010 tour, her proposal for her master’s thesis, random photos they found on her camera, a recipe for cake…

  1. Also, that concert was AWESOME. Oh Muse so WONDERFUL. GIANT EYEBALLS. 3 separate platforms… did Dom get tired of Matt guitarring at him at his drum set?

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