noisy nora by rosemary wells

Jack had dinner early,
Father played with Kate.
Jack needed burping,
so Nora had to wait.

First she banged the window.
Then she slammed the door.
Then she dropped her sister’s marbles
all on the kitchen floor.

“Quiet!” said her father.
“Hush,” said her mum.
“Nora,” said her sister,
“Why are you so dumb?”

Saw the book in a crate-box today at home, in the living room. I had forgotten how much is going on in those pictures!

All of our favorites are in that box! The story about ping (lai lai lai lai-eeee), little critter, the roly-poly puppy (old even when we were children) (made me like pudding before i knew what it was), a book about machines…

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