I have lately read the seminal work Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.



IT IS AMAZING. And hilarious.

Though I was initially put off by the repeated references to her training by Shaolin monks in China, and the fact that her most essential tool was her Katana sword. But perhaps in begrudging this lumping together of exotic Oriental cultures I am missing the point, which is WHAT GRATE LULZ THER R 2 B HAD HEER.

Also every possible waking moment is occupied with Plants vs. Zombies. My mind is full of zombies. And lesbians.


      1. It’s from a comic called Sinfest. I think mostly web based, though I think it may be published in some places. The character’s name is Criminy, and he builds his book forts to hide from the world. Though lately in the strip one of Satan’s sexy henchgirls is falling in love with him, and bringing him a little bit into the real world. It’s a fun little strip: http://www.sinfest.net/

    1. I know, it sounds like a hilarious fluffy work of fanfiction or something… which it kind of is… but he managed to get it PUBLISHED… /jealous

      Want me to mail you one?! I’ll totally do it!

        1. I got a copy for you! And then I went to the UPS store just to see and they told me a priority mail box to oman is $52.70 and UPS price is three times that, and normal for care package type stuff internationally is $100. And then I had to go to work so I haven’t been to the post office yet, but do you have any strategies for mailing to Oman? Like, envelope instead of box or something? I’ll try the post office before work tomorrow… I’m looking it up and maybe “First-Class MailĀ® International Large Envelope” at around $7 is way better? But the delivery time isn’t even 6-10 days… it’s “Varies” which sounds kind of ominous.

          So likeee… is there anything else you want while I’m at it? haha

          1. OMG! That’s ludicrously expensive. My mom sent me a 20 lb package for about $70. I would go with the $7 varying one. It takes about a month, but I’m ok with that :c) Thank you for trying!

          2. Yo M,

            I sent you some zombies in a book on June 1! And then I forgot to tell you. It’s flying to you via first-class mail–they told me it should get there in 10 business days. Should be soon then! Have you seen it yet? It’s in a padded-bubble-wrap manila envelope.


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