1. octopus story for andeja!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. world of warcraft
julianne just friended me on facebook, and messaged: “i didn’t know you played wow!” now she is saying “i never thought in a million years you’d be the type to play wow” and i am flaunting my excessively large epeen. 4 valorous, best in slot chest and the 25man saph/malygos quest neck IS NOT ENOUGH i need higher arena ratings. and immortal/undying. a;ldsfj;laskjdf;lsjdf;alsjkdf
fritz has a twilight drake! lucky duck. those things are gorgeous. i haven’t experienced 3d sarth yet, but i’ve done 2d a bunch of times.

3. dollhouse
are any of you watching it? i am a firefly fan, and by extension a joss whedon fan (i didn’t watch buffy, though i really like the musical episode) so i just watched all three extant episodes this week and i’m planning on watching the 4th when it airs tonight at 9. on fox. so i’ve liked the first three, even though it’s got very clear elements of alias (down to the soothing black male handler). it’s very visually appealing, that’s for sure. and i’m looking forward to where they’ll take us. and her sidekick is asian. YAY ASIANS IN MAINSTREAM MEDIA


  1. I haven’t had time for Dollhouse and I was feeling Wheadon-guilt (as in, I don’t watch and the brilliant show goes off the air) but I will try doubly hard.

    Gonna go check Hulu…

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