1. reading http://cleoland.pbwiki.com/Twilight and laughing my face off. just discovered that the author of the actual books dedicated it to Muse. WTF GOD WHY HAHAHAHAH
i can see it though. rachmoninoff is totally for vampires.

2. i had twittered that i was thinking about picking up ballet again and within the hour, a principal dancer with the sf ballet had /followed me. i guess she hangs around doing searches on “ballet” and aggressively markets her twitter to people. well it works and now i’m obsessively reading her blog and becoming her fan on facebook and will probably consider buying tickets to the sf ballet all of a sudden. she is going to be the odette-thing in the sf ballet’s swan lake on saturday, feb 28. her twitter is so cute. “Wow! If you do a Google Image search for ‘Alice in Wonderland’ I am the 7th result!” hahahaha she’s adorable. i love internet-savvy celebrities. i’m already following qwantz, vienna teng, jonathan coulton, and john hodgman, who is a HUGE NERD and hilarious and twitters pictures of backstage right before he gives speeches and loved coraline and jokes about a mini linnell in his voicebox and REPLIES TO PEOPLE and is basically the best thing ever.

3. fandom takes kind of quickly in the judy. and re: 1, no, i have never touched the twilight series. this second-degree snarky fandom is quite enough for me.

4. ok i know the actual word is “tweet.” i just don’t like it. maybe it will grow on me.

5. having really bad dreams lately. had a series this morning that ended with a really long one where i thought i couldn’t move. i thought it was real. i dreamt that i flopped out of bed and landed with my face on the floor and couldn’t move. but it was a dream.

6. http://artsbeat.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/02/17/austen-meets-alien-in-pride-and-predator/ i cannot wait for this

7. it’s been raining. sunny in spots. cold.

8. thanks, plish. thlish. http://www.ustream.tv/channel/kittens-cam
i saw “thanks, tchaikovsky. thaikovsky” on tv and nearly died. fritz saw. you can ask him. thanks, adult swim. thadultswim.
edited to add: i just leapt out of bed to distressing squealing noises. i thought some small animal was dying outside my window. but it was just kittencam, which i’d forgotten all about.
edited again to add: the cameraman (for lack of a better term… owners of the cats?) is whistling starlight by muse. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. i was the only one that commented on it in the live chat, which is really creepy of me. everyone else was embroiled in a conversation about feeding their cats fish oil to reduce dander and therefore allergies.

9. the internet still sucks here. we have comcast, shared by 10 people with two wireless routers (up and downstairs). i consistently get 1750 ping. i have discovered that if i disconnect the cable modem for a long time (more than 2 minutes) and then plug it back in, it sometimes makes it go back down to 14, but still, it’s a pain, and it doesn’t always work. no way one can arena with 1750ms. can’t even raid (well you can, but only if you’re willing to hate yourself afterwards because you’re convinced that everyone else thinks you’re bad because you died to the globs after patchwerk and the prot pally’s judgement of light healed more than yuou but it’s the LAG DAMMIT)

10. KT is appearing as the narrator in the bay area women against rape production of the vagina monologues. as i have not seen these monologues before, and as i’d love to support my cuntamacious friend, i’m rather looking forward to the event. 7pm preshow 8pm show, friday and saturday, somewhere in oakland.

11. am starting to worry that i’m too much in love with jumping pixies. no, if that were true, i would have fangirled over dancing hobbits, and i didn’t. PHEW THAT WAS A CLOSE CALL

12. my new haircut is a GREAT-NOT-SO-MUCH-A-SUCCESS. ok fine really it is a GREAT-FAIL. i said to ramon, “look at my new haircut!” and he said “oh, is that what it is? when i first saw you today i thought ‘wow something’s really different,’ but then i thought ‘oh, she just hasn’t combed her hair.'” i laughed raucously to hide the bitterness of my bruised ego.
went to my mom’s new chinese place. lady was nice. *i* thought the haircut was cute, though superasian; maybe i just need to learn to style it or something. it’s long layers. well at least fritz likes it.


  1. I thought you got a haircut! I liked it, except, you were all wet from the lake and rain outside my house, so I didn’t want to say anything in case it was the water and you thought i was stupid for complimenting you on your rain-soaked hair. Like, “Gee, Judy your hair looks GREAT when you have been walking out in the wind and the rain and feel like crap, can you do that MORE PLEASE?!!”

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