Women's art class at the Chase School of Art

Look at the dresses. Sleeves and corsets, look at those waists, look at the billowing shoulders, look at the flowing skirts. How on earth is that practical? How long did it take to dress just to step outside? Dressing like that makes everything an occasion, even taking a turn about the block. What if you got paint on your dress?

Photograph of a men's art class at the Chase School of Art

Look at what they are using for easels!!!! And one of them is totally smoking during class! What does “THE TONISTS” mean?

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  1. If the dresses are anything like the artifacts in our closet at home, the shoulders don’t make preparation time significantly greater. A few buttons, which take a couple seconds to do. The corsets, though! UGH.

    As for paint on the dress, depending on how wealthy you are it’s a matter of great care and creative laundering or a matter of buying a new dress.

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