left 4 dead

I’m hanging out at the store with the cat. She’s been acting weird today. She keeps hanging out with us. She crawled into my lap while I was healing Azjol’Nerub and did that thing where she putzes around in a nervous circle on your legs, and was ultimately dissatisfied, so she hopped off and kept walking around in front of the monitor and parked herself on my mouse cord. She’s been curled up in a chair next to me for hours. She must be lonely, but not so lonely that she’s affectionate (she is not an affectionate kitty). Wonder what causes this change in mood. Usually she just lounges on the floor in the office by herself and hides from everyone all day. She’s such a pretty cat.

Left 4 Dead came out today or yesterday or something. You can see people wax enthusiastic about it here: http://www.left4dead411.com/

It’s a cross between every zombie movie there ever was and a first-person shooter. It’s really well-done, actually. Very disturbing, very cheesy, very earnest, lots of blood. I just spent the last few hours doing a co-op campaign online with strangers and it’s satisfying. Found a huge shotgun near the end and went around blowing everythign to smithereens. I’m really bad at first-person shooters. There are a few sweet details, like the grafitti on the wall, and posters on the walls of the hospital titled “WHAT TO DO IF YOU THINK YOU’RE INFECTED”.

I’m sure you’ve seen the ads for l4d all over the place. They’re all over the bart trains lately, and there are billboards near all the major highways. They’re green, featuring a hand that’s had its thumb ripped off.

Zombies are trendy right now, like steampunk and heavy black eyeliner on boys.

Two different troupes of young teenage boy customers at Eudemonia just found girls. One of the groups hangs out with this one girl who’s awesome and plays call of duty 4 and red alert 3 with them. The other group’s girls really go for the “bad girl” vibe and come in and put their hands all over each other and the boys and make the boys act crazy and get into play pushing fights with each other where they pretend to yank each others’ chairs out from under them. Just today they started making out sitting at our play tables. I wanted to go over and say “please remember this is a public space,” but I couldn’t decide if I should just say “stop it, you’re gross” or “ha-ha, you’re young, ha-ha. it’s cool for you to hang out here and, ah, learn more about each other, but please be aware of your surroundings” or something. One of the GoB employees that comes to my new Tuesday night WoW Minis night took a look at them and said “…they don’t look like the usual kind of person that hangs out a game store. What are they doing here anyway?” but they (well the boys at least) have been coming here regularly for like years. I guess the video game demographic is a little different from the rpg/miniatures gaming/board game store demographic. Yes, the intersection in the venn diagram is significant and large and bulgy but yeah.

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