why our country’s test scores are so low

Sometimes in the middle of the night, I mock people for grammatical errors. Here is an actual conversation I had with someone in Warhammer Online. I had just been admonishing everyone about the difference between “you’re and “your” and everyone was calling me a dirty english teacher and saying things like “english Nazi’s r the wurst”. mt means "mistell" … it was a mistake. I meant to write a / in front of the word "scenario," which would have sent the following text to scenario chat instead of him. The blue text is a "tell," which is a private message between me and vis.

vis (in general say): i think your setting yourself up for disappointment
me (to vis in a tell): OMG
me: you’re!
me: the contraction for "you are" is "you’re" !!!
me: haha
vis: i’m an english teacher too, 11th grade, get over it
me: scenario barracks is fine
me: mt
vis: its, scenario barracks, is fine… there is a comma in there
me: no there isn’t
vis: lol youre not an english teacher then


Phantom commas for, the win

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