Marcus sings incoherently and tunelessly sometimes. This morning it was “OBAAMAAAAA”
He didn’t vote this year cuz he moved a lot and didn’t update his registration in time.
I am sad about 8.
Bawls G33k B33r is really delicious. I need the caffeine, too.
I think I’ll do a blog post at the Eudo blog about the varieties of root beer we carry and their relative merits.

I helped run an overnight party (lock-in) on halloween here. It was fun. A bunch of the kids came dressed up and stuff. The kid that won was dressed as George Bush, and he had a light-up heart from the halloween store, but he’d gussied it up as a grenade, and said “I’m George Bush. I have won the peoples’ hearts and mines.” We liked him. There was another kid dressed up as Devil McCain and in the middle of the costume contest he wandered around in front of Dean, blocking the other kids, and Dean was like “dude, stop it, get back in line,” but then we realized that he was … parodying McCain. Hahahha. I like that the kids are politically aware. Go Berkeley parents.

Then there was a Warhammer Online party. I didn’t get any of you guys to come for free pizza cuz I failed at advertising this time. We had 9 people show, and they played for the whole time, and there were tons of giveaway prizes that iGames got us. 2 gigs of ram, a 700 watt power supply, external hard drive enclosures of the 2.5 and 3.5 inch variety, miniatures… and a guy from Games Workshop came and did demos all day. That dude was freakin’ awesome. He was so enthusiastic and so good at getting random people to play the minis game. That takes courage and a thick skin and a certain unflappability that is hard to come by. I ordered way too little pizza for the lockin and way too much for the WAR party, sigh.

So that’s how I’ve been lately.

There’s someone at the counter right now ranting at LizB about the bonds. “Millions of dollars, which are just delayed taxes, for some railroad, that we’ll be paying for, and won’t be done for so long that we won’t even be able to use it, and by the time it’ll be done, we’ll all be using airlines anyway, but HEY IT’S A CHOO CHOO TRAIN THAT GOES REALLY FAST SO IT’S REALLY COOL RIGHT? fuck california”

lol. I hella voted for that proposition. Infrastructure is where it’s at!

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