my hatred of politics knows no bounds, or people on the internet are awful

Stardock has a game called "The Political Machine." There’s a free version focusing on McCain and Obama.

Browse the forums for a few seconds and you will find everybody lambasting the liberal bleeding hearts for making noise about Guantanamo Bay prisoners. You will also find racism and misogyny, as well as conservatives saying that liberals are racist and misogynist.

In this thread, Obama is called "the Obamanible Blackman" Later in the thread, someone talks about how she thinks black people (who are named LaShawn and Shaniqua, no less) "piss away" taxpayer money.

In this thread, you can see "Obama bin Laden"

There are also threads thanking our president because clearly he is the one resonsible for the fact that our country hasn’t been invaded in the last 7 years. There are also threads about how Obama has no qualifications, while Palin has lists and lists of them. Also, people say things like "what, her beauty is making you shy? ;-)" completely sincerely.

Really? "The Obamanible Blackman" ?

I have to live in the same country as these people?

Whatever. I hate it all.


  1. Rule #1 of the internet: Never read the comments! 🙂 (unless it’s LJ, natch!)

    My dad gave me some perspective on “undecided” voters (or as Tom calls them low-information voters). Basically my dad is sort of a Populist and then sort of a Libertarian… so he thinks it’s bad that big corporations rip off the little guy, unless the little guy is a *gasp* illegal immigrant (or actually anyone who isn’t white… but he won’t admit that he’s that racist). So, he agrees with McCain on immigration and Obama on healthcare and can’t decide who to vote for. So I get why he’s undecided (but I still think he’s WRONG! haha).

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