twice in this video:
Ramon at 1:05, followed by me and Meridee singing with Robert!
Kiss at 2:34 (gasp!!), followed by Robert being too cute to handle. Hahaha.

and twice in the upper video on this page:
look at how beautiful they are!

and (alternately, archives link for tomorrow’s readers) … if you look under “news clips,” and find the one whose image is a bouquet of pink flowers, you can see ramon and robert get interviewed in chinese at the very end of the clip. ahhaha, they only wrote down ramon’s name. here is my best “translation” (i’m weak) of what they say:
robert: I’m also very glad that I live in California and have this kind of [opportunity?], to marry my [love who also loves me?].
interviewer: tell us, on this day, how do you feel?
ramon: I believe that giving all people[?] the same rights[?] is a very important thing. Maybe, attending this big event also allows me to be extremely happy.

The way to say “marry” is “jia4 gai3” … marry give-to!

They are married-given-to-each-other now! And it is legally legal!

It is wonderful!

My mom called me earlier today to say she saw us on the 5 o’clock news on nbc11, haha. I saw the chinese clip when it aired on channel 26 just after 10pm today. I also turned the projector back on as soon as my Eudo meeting was over at 11 to see what the 11 o’clock news had to say. No appearance on nbc11, but I saw a brief clip of the happy couple on CBS 5.


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  1. Oh yaaay!!! It must have been amazing to be at City Hall to see all that, no? Super congrats to your friends! I wish they caught more of you singing, though (stupid voice overs). 😉

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