This morning I dreamed that I was controlling this small truck, running away from my enemies. This truck could also fly, and I flew from island to island in the sky, capturing … nodes. Then I was in the water with my friend, and the two of us were boating through the water in our trucks, running away from this submarine. “There’s no way we can outrun a submarine!” my friend said, and we sped up, panic in our throats. We skirted around a square metal-rock thing in the bay, and somehow managed to line-of-sight the submarine, at which point it became clear that my friend was Jack Bauer. We got onto the shore and blew ourselves up into the air, where we (now humans, not flying trucks) landed magically on these miniature airplanes that we clung to for dear life. Jack’s plane got blown up and he died. My plane started to land, and I held onto it in sheer stomach-dropping terror, and I almost slipped off, but I landed safely, and had to tell the CTU people that Jack was dead. I scared myself awake.


  1. Okay, number one? Weird!
    Number two? Best premise for a web-game ever. :oP

    The trick is to fall back into the same dream, pull a “Ged” (from A Wizard of Earthsea), and start chasing your pursuers. But with your this-is-my-dream-b*#$#s superpowers!

    1. I dreamed about capturing nodes to collect resources that night because I had just played World In Conflict for the first time. For five hours. It’s fun.

      Hey! I just read a wizard of earthsea! I scavenged it from Elanor! I am the easiest person to shove books off on in all the land! Look I used the words “off” and “on” together and that is funny! I want to read the rest of the earthsea stuff too! Have you ever read the song of ice and fire series, btw?

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