Postage went up to 41 cents? I’ll have to go buy 17 2-cent stamps.

I have a monstrous backache because my bed is broken. The particle board around the nails that hold up the metal railing that holds up the wooden slats that hold up my mattress is completely disintegrated. I have a few options: I can unscrew the metal railings on either side and screw them in again at another, higher set of holes in the particle board sides (pros: I’d have a working bed. cons: my mattress is kind of big, so it might be weird since it won’t be inside the frame very much… and it’ll just be a matter of time before the particle board tears at a new place. and since there’s a big hole where the current nail is, its structural integrity is compromised at that spot anyway). Or I can take the bed apart and stash it in a corner and put the mattress on the floor. For now, I just put some books under the problematic slats and it’s working. Thank you, Calculus: Early Transcendentals. Thank you, Introduction to Algorithms. Thank you, A First Course in Abstract Algebra. Thanculus. Thalgorithms. Thalgebra.

I haven’t unpacked at all. I can’t find several things that are kind of important to Living, but whatever. I ate half a tub of Dibs (caramel) yesterday because it was hot.

Hype for Wembley is ever-increasing. =) muselive is going crazy.

Jonathan of current DeCadence and I really do look alike.

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