1. HAHAHAAH! Some out-of-context quotes which I find funny from a 10-minute description of how Judy arrays work…

    “What makes Judy so fast?”
    “Judy is designed to avoid cache-line fills wherever possible. (This is the main design criteria for Judy.)”
    “In practice, Judy does much better than this.”
    “In a 64-bit Judy, it would probably require more RAM than exists on this planet to get it to have 8 levels.”
    “Judy adapts efficiently to a wide range of populations and data set densities.”
    “Well I cannot describe Judy in 10 minutes — what possessed me?”

    The world needs more 64-bit Judy’s.

    Now I’m trying to figure out how I can use Judy’s at work…. I never knew you were so optimized for cache locality.

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