I had hoped that this entry would be the joyful proclamation that I had found the Beijing Olympics promotional music video I saw in China in 2004. But I can’t find it. The chorus goes “ER LING LING BAAAA… WO MEN ___ DAO ZHONG GUOOOOOO! ER LING LING BA… WO MEN ___ DAO BEI JIIIINNNGGGG!” and it’s two opera singers taking turns singing on various glorious locales such as on top of the great wall with ribbon dancers in buns all around, camera swirling, epic grandeur dripping from every frame. The lyrics are printed on the bottom of the screen in chinese and english too, and they include lines like “it is time to show China’s greatness to the whole world.” “Er ling ling ba,” of course, means “2008.”

But I can’t fucking find it.

I’ll tell you what it is not:
-Jane Zhan’s “open up your dreams,” in chinese nor english, for example, here:
-this promotional video with the rings rolling around:
-this other promotional video that features a bunch of kids in a school:
-this other promotional video about stamping the emblem all over the place:
-new beijing, great olympics:
-computer animated dominoes:
-one world one dream: though i was SO hopeful as this video started, what with the great wall and the sweeping grandeur

A hundred gold crowns to whoever can find me the video I want!! =( =( =(

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