Since I am often comatose whilst normal people are active, I miss packages. I can only hope that this never happens: http://www.wanderingpandacomics.com/mrgoh/comic.php?comic=21

Imogen Heap is awesome. So awesome. So, so awesome. I repeat my desire for a vocoder; it looks like so much fun to fuck around with. Also, a piano. And a voice. And talent. And corsets and pretty poofy skirts and an English accent.

I only ever wrote two entries in my concert log: Ben Folds and Chanticleer. And even though I started it in 2002 I still think of it as something I “do” (present tense). Man, I’m sad.

Na, nanana nana na na na-katamari damaaacyyyyyy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXfVgyiazcc


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