“We hope you enjoy your MAC cosmetics purchase! Enjoy free standard shipping on your next purchase. Use this offer code at checkout: BBCVG6E
Valid through midnight EST October 31, 2006.”

This is a note for myself so that I can throw away the flyer, but I put it here in case any of you want to buy anything there in the next couple of months!

edited to add: ryan sent me the following links

he’s too embarrassed to publicly admit that he knows more about applying makeup than i do HA HA HA THE SECRET’S OUT NOW SUCKA

edited again to add: what the HELL is eyeshadow base?


    1. Nothing. I don’t own any makeup that didn’t come as part of a free Estee Lauder gift pack from when my aunts shop at Macy’s, but Ryan just sent me “fluidline eye-liner gel” in “macroviolet.” Also, a funny little brush with an angled tip. I have no idea how to use it. And no idea where to look????????? Do you know any, uh, “here is how to put on makeup and not look like a drunk raccoon” websites? I suck at this girl thing WOE

      1. it’s like painting! You probably want to close the eye that you’re putting on the liner, so that you can get the part closest to your lashes. I don’t like putting eyeliner on the bottom lid (except on halloween) mainly cuz my eyelashes smudge everything down there, but people basically put it at the bottom lash line.

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