what i did today

1. I went to Spot rehearsal twentythree hours early, in true judilicious fashion.

2. Lisa entertained me by watching an episode of the venture brothers with me, and then taking me to the farmer’s market. The farmer’s market near lake merrit is hardcore. Peaches are delicious. I watched Lisa and Tom buy many many many fruits and also many vegetables. All I bought was a quart of apple juice (the bottle was shaped like a milk-gallon container, though). Then they further entertained me by telling me all about lake merrit birds. Then we checked out the dahlias in the garden as well as a GINORMOUS SQUASH on a plant that grew upward! It was on a big wooden board at eye-level! IT WAS GINORMOUS!! And then I got to hear a little bit more about her plants. And then she deposited me at home. #2 = three cheers for lisa, for she is a good sport. If some plu-plutt motherfucker showed up at my door at 11am I wouldn’t know what to do with them.

3. I did hexxer and bloodlord for the enchant idols (I didn’t win either of them). I got my siblings to come along. Then we did UBRS.

4. I called Tammy and Susan, who then put me in touch with Fran(cesca), Jessica’s friend who was coming from Oakland. She told me a better way to get to gravity than the one I had previously found.

5. I took bart. I wandered around Montgomery station for a long time, lost. I found a bus stop. I waited for a bus. A hot guy walked by me and then turned around to say “nice legs.” I got on a bus as Ramon called me about getting to rehearsal. I tottered down three blocks of an excrutiating hill. My feet turned numb. I arrived at the club. I saw lots of lynbrook people (and also other people). I watched Sues play hostess (and she is good at it) and introduce people to each other and distribute birthday crowns. We went to eat hamburgers after the club closed.

6. Min agreed to drive me and Fran to a BART station, since BART runs all night, since the bay bridge is closed. We wandered around van ness until we saw the civic center, and then we wandered around market until we saw the civic center bart. Fran and I got out of the car and said bye to Min. Min drove off.

7. Fran and I looked down the civic center bart porthole thingy (you know how all bart stations have those stairs going down). It was closed. Metal grille was down.

8. Fran and I issued forth many expletives.

9. Fran and I saw a cabfull of partiers who also got out of the car, issued expletives, and then got back in the cab. As they were driving away they said to us “POWELL IS STILL OPEN… it’s only two blocks down…” so we started walking.

10. Two blocks later we were still seeing “civic center” portholes. My feet hurt. Fran talked about how lucky she was that she decided to wear her cool mostly-flat boots instead of her strappy sandals. We walked some more.

11. We got to powell, which was open. We wait 45 minutes or so. We sit down at a round thingy that people were at first reluctant to share with us, but they said that I had cool boots. Two people near us who don’t know each other find out that they were both in the city to see a band I’d never heard of and whose name I have forgotten. The guy goes away for a sec and the girl tells the other people on our round thingy how she doesn’t know how to ask him his number. The guy comes back and talks to me. I ask where he’s from (france), he asks where I’m from. I ask him what he thinks of America (good and bad, no black or white), I say I’ve never been to France. He says “the british say france is great, the only thing bad about it is all the french people there. You know, british humor.” I laugh, and then kind of drop the conversation because I’m afraid that girl who wanted his number is going to kick my ass for talking to him. We listen to the announcements and hear “…since the bay bridge is closed, bart will be running all night once an hour saturday and sunday after midnight, AT LIMITED STATIONS.” We say “oh. I wish I knew that before.”

12. Fran and I get on the bart. She says, “I think I’m gonna peace out for a minute” and closes her eyes a wink. We part in oakland. She is cool.

13. I get on the richmond train at 9th street station. I watch some drunk girls talk about creepy guys hitting on them. At Macarthur station, one of them stands up and vomits repeatedly on the platform (while standing inside of the car). Her friends make murmuring sympathetic sounds and stroke her back and call her friend on their cell phones (that part confused me). A guy sitting in front of me gets up and gives them his bottle of water so the girl can wash her mouth off. The automated announcement “doors are closing. please stand clear of the doors” plays and the girl comes back into the car looking extremely distressed and says “OMIGOD WHAT DO I DO? I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO,” vomits outside of the car again right as the door closes, and as the bart lurches forward and the girl dry-heaves a few more times I jump up and offer the paper bag I was previously carrying my leftover burger in. I tell the water-bottle guy that I’d never drank enough to throw up and he tells me this is a good thing. He’s from LA, but loves Berkeley and the bay area and would never go back: “LA is just… too much.”

14. People pour out of the Berkeley bart station in droves. Droves. I decide against getting a taxi, and I convince myself by looking at the schedule in the bus stop that the 51 does not run at 4:30am on Saturday nights (verily it does not run past 1 on weekends), and commence walking. I call 642-WALK but the wait was 15-20 minutes, so I told them I might as well walk home in that time instead of standing in the street alone. And I wasn’t really alone anyway, since so many people got out at the Berkeley bart station. I clack home.

15. I massaged my feet. I took a shower. I massaged my feet some more. Now I will take a two-hour nap and meet R at 9 at my friend the downtown berkeley bart station. WHEEEEEEEEEEE

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