i don’t do this much anymore, but…

(7:11:30 PM) juddietunafish: i’ve never seen any movies by m night shahashahshsmsalaylayaalyanalyaanalyanalyaan
(7:11:37 PM) ryangiraffe: shyamalan
(7:11:47 PM) ryangiraffe: shya malan
(7:11:50 PM) juddietunafish: you’re no fun
(7:12:00 PM) ryangiraffe: shutushuthushutpupupup

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  1. We were actually unsuccessful in seeing “Lady in the Water” becasue when we got to the window, the lady said, oh, i don’t think we’re showing that anymore, even though i checked Fandango 3 hrs previous, and what would happen if i ordered tickets online? Anyway, we saw “Talladega Nights” instead, despite my non-enthusiasm, but it was really funny, and I enjoyed it.

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