i don’t do this much anymore, but…

(7:11:30 PM) juddietunafish: i’ve never seen any movies by m night shahashahshsmsalaylayaalyanalyaanalyanalyaan
(7:11:37 PM) ryangiraffe: shyamalan
(7:11:47 PM) ryangiraffe: shya malan
(7:11:50 PM) juddietunafish: you’re no fun
(7:12:00 PM) ryangiraffe: shutushuthushutpupupup

1 thought on “i don’t do this much anymore, but…

  1. We were actually unsuccessful in seeing “Lady in the Water” becasue when we got to the window, the lady said, oh, i don’t think we’re showing that anymore, even though i checked Fandango 3 hrs previous, and what would happen if i ordered tickets online? Anyway, we saw “Talladega Nights” instead, despite my non-enthusiasm, but it was really funny, and I enjoyed it.

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